We Love the Little White Dress

How about we all concede to the noteworthy part the ideal Little Black Dress plays in our closet. Right?! Finding the ideal LBD resembles finding “the one.” It might take years of seeking, filtering out every one of those ineligible lone ranger dresses, yet when you discover one that truly fits you, you never let it go. Frankly, my go-to LBD is a dress from Gap I purchased amid first year of school (yes, I’m not by any means joking).

Be that as it may, LBD’s aren’t up for discourse today. How about we discuss her lesser-referred to (and similarly as astounding) younger sibling, the Little White Dress. The Romy to LBD’s Michelle. The Rachel to her Monica. The Elizabeth to MK&A. Your storage room doesn’t exactly appear to be entire without her.

You can think about the LWD as LBD’s hotter climate equal, a go-to summer staple, however one we likewise adore for fall. Since we’ve by and large hurled the “no white after Labor Day” discount the window, keep on sporting our most loved must-have LWD lasting through the year. Pick

Find your personal style

Finding (and refining) personal style can be a struggle; we’re the first to admit it. We’ve all been there at least once, if not multiple times, as we gaze into our closet full of clothes and need something for the post-graduation to professional transition (so, platform sandals don’t work in office?), landing the big promotion we’ve worked so hard for, or dressing after having a baby (suddenly all those dry clean only silk blouses aren’t so practical). Regardless of what life throws at us, it’s important to be able to adapt while still maintaining a style that is all our own.

And why exactly is this important? The impact of personal style goes far beyond making a good first impression; great style is also about approaching each day with confidence, and the ability to feel legitimately beautiful in what we are wearing. Believe it or not, the right wardrobe can make a difference in that department.

In terms of your wardrobe, we want you to really know what you like, understand what looks good on you, and how to shop. So when you find the right piece to add to your closet you exclaim, “This is so

Fashion this winter

Founded by husband and wife Bernard and Laura Ashley in 1953, when they began printing textiles from the kitchen table of their London flat, the brand has built upon its rich design heritage to produce a beautiful collection of lifestyle products including fashion, home decorating, furniture and accessories.

Born in Wales, Laura had a love of all things Victorian and Edwardian, which led to the longer length silhouettes and feminine styles that would become the company’s trademark. They remain as relevant today as they were in the 1960s, when fashion switched from the mini to the maxi.

In honour of this heritage, the Laura Ashley design team has used the brand’s iconic archive in Wales – a treasure trove of thousands of garments, photographs, antiques and more – as inspiration for their AW16 fashion collections. From lovingly revived archive prints, to reproductions of original pieces, the collections mark a bold return to the signature Laura Ashley heritage look, reinterpreted and brought into the 21st century.

Inspired by the decadent romance of Victoriana, Portrait of Laura is a glamorous

What do you think about when you hear somebody utilize “style”?

At whatever point the expression “style” is utilized, it most usually alludes to one’s form or external appearance. In any case, I need to advise you that style is a great deal more than your medium length hair style, trendy coat, or your Ferragamo dress shoes.

Style = Expression

It’s the total combination of the way you dress, talk, move your body, or do anything for that matter. Simply put, it’s how we express our inner being outwardly. This includes all of our thoughts, emotions, interests, and values. Everything on the outside is merely a reflection of what’s on the inside.

A lot of the people think that what I do is just help people upgrade their outer appearance. This is what they think of when they hear “style coach” or “image consultant,” and will come to me for a personal shopping session – wanting mainly to focus on fashion.

Although, I like to think of myself as a “self-expression coach,” because I firmly believe that fashion is just one part of your style.

Most of us aren’t aware of what we’re communicating most of the time – and it’s way beyond

What Asia Taught Me About Casual Style

I was reminded that no matter where you are or what time of day it is, you can be fashionable. I was constantly reminded that casual doesn’t have to be the way most people think of it – with no flavor.

In America, I know most guys don’t really pay attention to their image unless they have a date or they’re going somewhere really important. Slowly but surely, times are changing here, and it’s getting harder and harder to tell a straight guy from a gay guy here in New York City (in good way). Men are learning how to dress better again after years of being lost.

Being in Asia inspired me to write this article on how we can learn to bring their sense of style into our everyday casual wear:

1. Layering

What I saw in Korea and Japan was that these guys are LAYERING MASTERS.

My Tokyo friend tells me that it’s rare to see anybody wearing only ONE layer over there. If they are wearing a dress shirt, they will most definitely add something like a cardigan sweater, with perhaps another vest on top; and they’ll really

Affordable Looks for All Your Holiday Parties

Is it quite recently us or are December ends of the week reserving speedier than you can state Son of a Nutcracker?! Blessing trades, treat trades (yea–it’s a thing), occasion office parties, suppers with family and companions… all well done obviously! Be that as it may, it can get costly.

Also, we are having a troublesome time thinking of anything diverse to wear to these soirees! Not a terrible issue to have, let’s be realistic. But since we’d rather not be found in a similar sequin dress eight circumstances this Christmas season, we’ve banded together with reasonable design mark LuLu*s to bring you three outfit thoughts for your different celebrations. They have many dresses (and adornments!) under $100 making it simple to discover something each occassion you have coming up.

1. The Occasion: Holiday Soiree with Friends

THE OUTFIT: Obviously either a bright red or sparkly frock seems like the easy answer for your holiday parties. But what if say… you haven’t yet “invested” in a bright red or sequined dress but you still want to show off your holiday spirit? We recommend grabbing your go-to LBD and let the accessories take care of the rest! Show off your shiny

Timeless Dresses Every Woman Should Own

Building a closet can overpower, particularly when attempting to locate the ideal harmony between in vogue pieces and exemplary staples. So while we as a whole know most patterns go back and forth, there are a modest bunch of great dress outlines that never leave style!

To round up our most loved ageless dresses, we collaborated with the women of Brass who know some things about exemplary gowns. Whether you’re going to a meeting, going out with the young ladies, or leaving for excursion, these five will never disappoint you.


The classic sleeveless fit and flare dress: It’s an any season, any occasion number that you’ll pull out of your closet again and again. Flattering on nearly every body type, it has a fitted waist and a flared skirt. Wear it to an interview, date, meeting, church, or even a wedding. There’s not much this little dress won’t get you through so we recommend investing in both black and navy.


Modest, yet sophisticated, the A-line dress withstands the test of time—it never goes out of style and it’s perfect for any woman, at any age. We love the rich navy hue of this version, which is universally flattering on any

Quality Bargain Shopping—It Really Does Exist!

You know that feeling when you pull your new blouse out of the laundry only to discover your button-down is now button-less, your skirt has started unraveling at the seams, or worse — your denim faded to a new color entirely (along with the 6 other shirts you washed with it)! You’re familiar with this emotion, surely  — it’s probably up there with Monday morning iPhone alarms and dealing with 20 degree weather in the spring.

We knew there had to be a method to this madness. For many of us, stores like H&M, Zara and Forever 21 provide access to on-trend clothing at a price we can all stomach. But what good is a $20 blouse purchase when it only lasts one use? Is there a way to tell which items will withstand the test of time or whether your money would be better invested on a few bottles of 2 Buck Chuck?

Enter our friend, Lisa Butkus, TEG reader and Assistant Fashion Buyer at Ikram— a boutique once dubbed by the New York Times as High Fashion’s Ambassador from the Midwest. With a resume that also boasts other brands like MaxMara and Diane Von Furstenberg, Lisa knows a

Tricks for buying fashion bags

Various ladies are completely mindful of the significance of purchasing design packs. It is a pattern that has kept on being prominent. Throughout the years, half of the ladies in present day social orders have grasped purchasing a mold sack. This is not amazing considering the way that creation of the sacks has taken off and more stores have them in stock. In this manner, they are promptly accessible for procurement. Advance, there are likewise a few assortments to browse hence allowing each purchaser to lay one’s hands on the form sack whose qualities are line with one’s determinations. Since there are such a large number of sacks of this sort are accessible today, various ladies are regularly befuddled by the assortments of the packs. On the off chance that you have prospects of purchasing a design sack yet you are thinking about how best you can do it, consider the accompanying data.


When buying fashion bags, you must be wary of the effect that size can have on the overall performance of the bag. Based on this, you have to choose a bag whose size is good enough to meet your personal preferences especially

Mark outlining and fashion clothing

In this propelled time of science and innovation everything has turned out to be conceivable exactly at a separation of a solitary snap. While remaining at home you can appreciate the best assortment of denim pants for both women and gentlemen at an intensive look on your screen. We offer you the best quality outfit for each event on the web. On the off chance that you need to look extraordinary with your flawless dressing, simply visit our site. Here you will locate a wide assortment of dresses for you and your family.

Inclination towards the Fashion

Different shopping plazas and malls and other garment markets have spread a new wave of looking gorgeous among the people. People tend to wear dresses according to the situations so that they look good and eye catching and all the others can praise their beauty. The foreign designs and domestic styles have made a great revolution in the garment industry, the garment industry is now busy more than ever. Every week and somewhere in daily basis there are full page colored pictures of the latest fashion wears and the new garment designing that is available in the market. Foot

Ladies skirts and denim jeans

In this propelled time of science and innovation everything has turned out to be conceivable exactly at a separation of a solitary snap. While remaining at home you can appreciate the best assortment of denim pants for both women and gentlemen at an intensive look on your screen. We offer you the best quality outfit for each event on the web. On the off chance that you need to look extraordinary with your flawless dressing, simply visit our site. Here you will locate a wide assortment of dresses for you and your family.


Whether you want to dress up in a rough and tough style or for a party or corporate meeting in your office, we offer you pants for all occasions. Trendy jeans,will go good with your casual wear and tropical pants for your formal wearing in material that suits you the best are available with us. We deal in high quality denim in different shades in such a soft and comfy texture that you will enjoy the ease with jeans. Especially for ladies, we manufacture perfect skinny denim jeans for girls that go well in all kind of hangouts.

Glamour with glittering shoes

Sparkling shoes is a moderate method for adding marvelousness to your old shoes and making them more in vogue for various events. We have thought of 9 straightforward strides to help you concoct economical and awesome shoes. These will suit your inclination and identity, as you will make the most of your time going to various occasions in a similar match yet looking changed.

Gathering your supplies

The first step involves gathering supplies for the venture. A perfect pair of shoes is a must to have, mainly an old pair that has no match in your wardrobe. It is advisable for the pair to be fitting and comfortable. The best choice for the project is flats or plain high heel pumps. Other things you need for this task include mod podge glosses, paint brushes, wash cloths, disposable cups, painter’s tape, newspaper, the right glitters and water repellent.

Cleaning the area

Before starting to apply glitters, it is advisable to thoroughly clean the shoes using alcohol. Once cleaned, allow the pair to dry before starting the process. This will ensure that no dirt is trapped beneath the shoe while applying glitters.

Cover any area

Enjoy with hoodies

The popularity of affordable custom hoodies began way back in the 1990s when skate boarders were seen donning them; but soon they caught the imagination of trendy youngsters and now the popularity has extended to kids and older people also. Hoodies are a convenient alternative to bulky overcoats in winters and for hotter climates, lightweight hoodies are also easily available. So, given the immense popularity of custom hoodies, how does one avoid being one of the herds similarly dressed?

Enter affordable custom hoodies, or custom sweatshirts; call them whatever you want, but customized hoodies are the way to go if you want to stand out from the crowd. When you wear affordable custom hoodies, you know that you will stand out alone wearing that particular hoodie as no two people will have the identical hoodie. It is your made-to-order hoodie with your personal design preference on it and in the style you desire. Any text, print, photo can be transferred onto the sweatshirt to give you your own personalized hoodie.

Affordable custom hoodies give you the freedom to express yourself in whatever way you choose, whether it is some logo or some catchy slogan or some

Hairstyle reveals about your professionally

Men the same as ladies have various perspectives about styling and wearing their hair. Brushing, styling or separating their hair in their own specific manner, however they all have a similar objective as a top priority. To keep their delegated lovely and brilliant.

Men’s hair style, ladies’ hair styles, care and styling can be as easygoing or mind boggling as you may need. However, it will uncover a great deal about your calling, identity and polished methodology.

What your hair part will reveal

Left parting hairstyle
People that part their hair from left to right normally come forward as analytical, logical, orderly and aggressive. They are usually controlled by their brain’s left hemisphere. This will draw them to activities that are considered alpha, mentally challenging and masculine. You will see yourself as smart, organized and open-minded. However other people may see you as smart and very well structured.

Right parting hairstyle
Individuals that part their hair from right to left are normally perceived as spontaneous, creative and emotional people. They are controlled by their brain’s right hemisphere which is more feminine because this is the emotional side. The way you see yourself will be intuitive, caring

Ethnic Wears Perfect for Office Time?

One of the most ideal approaches to see the hues in your announcement of mold and style is to revere Indian ethnic dresses. In addition to the fact that they are extraordinary for wedding days feel awesome for infrequent gatherings as they are more agreeable and unmistakable. Indian sarees online are wanted to be worn with antique gold gems and extras. The way you wrap mirrors your identity and decision of high degree. When all is said in done, ladies wear them with fashioner pullovers, contemporary culture tops and coats, which are notable dresses to wear at any event where you need a glitz impact. Be that as it may, the confounding proclamation lies at authority gatherings and authority times. There is undoubtedly in ethnic wear ladies look ultra captivating however that additional sparkle won’t not be in need at your work area. A brilliant range, overwhelming worked plans and unconventional looks won’t not be so generally welcomed in your premises, but rather a rich touch can give a sudden climb to your general identity. Here are a few tips and traps to get your formal night charming and commendabl

Shirt Kurtis

Indian kurtis are considered

All about zippers

A zipper is for the most part used to close or secure a pack or a bit of attire. The essential components of a zipper are the stringer (the tape and teeth gathering that makes up one side of a zipper), the slider (opens and shuts the zipper), tab (pulled to move the slider), and stops (keep the slider from leaving the chain and it can be isolated into top stop and base stop).

Zipper consists of two rows of teeth, which links the rows that carries tens to hundreds of specially shaped metal or plastic teeth. If you are working with zippers, it is common to hear terms such as #3, #4, #5 and so on. These numbers indicate the zipper size (gauge). As the number increases, size of the teeth also increases. Calculation of zipper gauge is done by measuring the zipper teeth horizontally, with the zipper closed.

Zippers can be classified on the basis of their types, styles, fabrication, colours and the material used among others. There are various kinds of zippers available in the market such as coil zippers, invisible zippers, metal zippers, plastic-moulded zippers, open-end and closed-end zippers. These zipper types

Korean fashion style

Korea is a captivating and lively place as is it mold industry. The streets of Korea have an excess of autos and are encompassed by sky-scrappers however despite everything it clutches its customary pagodas, quiet domains, sanctuaries and royal residences. This assorted qualities and the mix of customary and cutting edge estimations of the nation are reflected in Korean Fashion as well. Is Korean Fashion truly justified regardless of all the buildup? Why online mold shopping destinations give such a great amount of significance to Korean garments? Why so much cash is being spent on the Seoul Fashion week? Well! These are a portion of the normal question which may be in the brains of customers around the globe. However, individuals inside the mold business or individuals who have been in Korea for a considerable length of time will realize that Korean design has been seeing some huge changes and it is setting down deep roots.

There is a massive change in the way common people of Korea have been dressing up and there is a sudden burst of new styles and unique expressions of fashion in the Korean streets. Korean people today are willing to push

Tricks for choosing a wedding dress

In case you’re arranging a wedding, you might be enticed to quite recently purchase an adorable white dress for your blossom young lady, and have her convey a bundle that matches yours. All things considered, she’s only a child, isn’t that so? Furthermore, in the event that she looks charming, the visitors will be enjoyably satisfied.

Well there’s a bit more to it than that. Let’s first take a quick look at the flower girl tradition.

Starting with the middle ages, flower girls were assigned a special job; to walk down the wedding aisle ahead of the bride and groom and spread grain (not flowers) in order to pave the way for a new beginnings, fertility and happiness in the marriage.

Today’s flowers girls usually carry rose petals, and while they aren’t believed to have special powers that will grant the new couple a harmonious relationship, they do tend to set the tone for a wedding.

Think about the last wedding you attended. If the flower girls came out in formal dark colored dresses, you quickly understood that the wedding would have a formal tone. On the other hand, if they came out in wispy flower girl dresses with

Fashion rules in the world

Nowadays, fashion is bold and daring, and this reflects a noughties generation that is not afraid to say what they think, or wear what they want. Fashion is not just a means of clothing your body, it is the essence of your personality and beliefs, and designers are well aware of the power they hold. Designers’ predictions and designs for the coming season are more hotly anticipated than any other revelation in the world.

Trends in fashion unify women and men around the world, yet they still allow people the ability to portray their own individual style at the same time. A period of time portrayed in a picture can be identified immediately just by the style of clothes the people are wearing, and this sums up just how powerful and all-encompassing fashion is. Fashion can change from one second to the next, but what never changes is the hold it has over society, and the role it plays in the modern world. Fashion is so important that whole magazines are dedicated to it, TV programs dedicate hours of transmission time to the subject, and people discus it between their friends continually.

To keep up with the latest fashions, people

So what is the real difference between fashion and style?

I’m prompted to write about the real difference between fashion and style after reading a piece in Melbourne’s Saturday Age newspaper entitled “Maybe it’s time for a change of gear in fashion’s fast lane” written by sociologist Dr Ruth Quibell.

Fashion is the relationship to the external.

It is concerned with “what’s out there” (fashion items, in the stores).  It’s a matching process between what’s out there (fashion’s primary interest) to what I’m wearing.  Is what I’m wearing a ‘match’ for what’s ‘out there’, to what’s been deemed ‘in fashion’?

Style is the relationship to the internal.

It’s about “what’s in here” (my sense of self, my identity, my perception of who I am).  The matching process is between what’s in here and how that is reflected and expressed in what I’m wearing.  Does my clothing ‘match’ my sense of who I am, at least for today?

Fashion distracts, style connects

If we go with that definition, it’s easy to see that there’s a huge difference in the orientation of our focus if it’s on fashion vs. style.  Fashion takes our attention away from ourselves, style brings our attention directly to ourselves.